RIP Bagrovs

So the hard drive that held all my pictures, my music, my movies, and my Sims save files suddenly died last week. I’m in the process if installing windows to another hard drive and getting my computer back but everything that was on the old hard drive is gone. It’s pretty unfortunate, but I suppose this is a lesson learned the hard way. I’ll start backing up my save files every week so I won’t lose my legacies next time something like this happens. Thanks to everyone that followed my blogs and read my silly legacies. I hope you guys enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed playing them. I’ll be posting this on all my blog pages, so I apologize if you see this message multiple times. I hope to be back with a new legacy soon, so look out for a post about a new blog.

The Bagrov Legacy [Chapter 23]

Welcome back to the Bagrov Legacy! Last time, the family did their best to cope with one death, they moved, we had another death, and the kids became teens and an heir vote started. Let’s see who won!

Natalya won 6-2.

Here’s our winner now, checking out the fish.
I think it sucks that we can’t feed these fish. No idea if you can keep fish you catch as pets. Can someone tell me if that’s possible?

Here’s Nikolay doing his usual laps around the urns. He just wants to mourn so badly!

Mariya is absolutely crushed. She literally lost her mother as soon as she got over her father’s death. I thought Cynthia would last at least another sim-week. :/

Isaiah has been perfectly fine.

Natalya: Guess what, dad? I won the heir poll!
Isaiah: That means you need to find a spouse.
Natalya: I’m only determined to marry my soulmate, dad.
Isaiah: Sounds good, sweetie.

Natalya gets herself a new haircut and calls over a boy that just happens to be her age.

Meet Tobias Givens. I think he’s adorable.

The kids head to the museum to hang out and chat with each other.

Instead of heading inside, they lay out on the sidewalk and check out the clouds.

Friendly selfie!

Natalya’s needs started to drop dangerously low and Tobias wasn’t really accepting any of her flirts, so she invites him to head back to the house with her.

In the kitchen, Natalya and Tobias fuse together and become one. How romantic.
Honestly, they just both wanted food out of the fridge at the same time ._.

Nikolay walks in on the fusion and wishes he could un-see the horrors.

Nikolay: -deep and annoyed sigh-

After a little bit of flirting and even Tobias staying the night, Natalya and Tobias become an item. Here’s a montage because (spoilers) I already played through the romancing once before(and it only took a couple sim-hours the first time) and I was over it haha.

They even end up exchanging promise rings before heading out on a date.

A little PDA at the start of a date is always a good sign.

The date ended with a gold medal, which was awesome.

Back home, Natalya takes up painting, since she’s a creative, art-lover.

Tobias, who is still in the legacy house, looks quite happy to be with Natalya.
I actually have a confession to make, I created Tobias a few months ago and he’s just been sitting in my library forever waiting to be used. He was a young adult when he was created though, so I moved him to a lot, cheat-aged him down to a teen in CAS, then I merged him with the Bagrov household. He’s been living here since he was first introduced.
Tobias Givens is a Neat Genius who has a lot of Business Savvy and his aspiration in life is to be Fabulously Wealthy.

Aren’t they precious?

Natalya has a swim. She’s super lean, which I assume is from her mother.

Mariya only has half a skill point left to complete her aspiration.

Mariya gets really tense and is dying to go to the spa so I send her!

She signs up for a yoga class and I spot her brother join as well. Hi Makar! ❤

After yoga, the siblings catch up.

She then gets a hot stone massage and makes me incredibly jealous >_<.

Ugh looks so relaxing x_x


Natasha gets some gold bars she stole put up in memorial to her and Don gets a cool model car.

Anastasia gets a spice rack and Marcus gets an astronaut do-hickey.

Valeriya gets a bunny and Oliver W. gets a model plane.

Grusha gets a goddess bust and Oliver S. gets a majestic animal statue.

Evgeniy gets some books and Felicity gets a Tardis.

Zinoviy gets one of his career reward items and Cynthia gets a lovely teddy bear.

The urns are all put away in the family inventory. I’ll do my best to put an item that represents the sim in the urn’s place. Hopefully this is okay. It was so frustrating to see that the sims wouldn’t do anything on their own.

The kids get home from school and autonomously do their homework now that the urns are gone.

Natalya keeps on painting in her spare time.

Mariya completes her aspiration! Woo!

And just in time too. I was so focused on her skill bar that I didn’t even check her age. It was her birthday when she finished her aspiration and Isaiah had just enough time to bake a cake for her.

And she pretty much looks exactly the same.

Isaiah needs to cook gourmet meals at a dinner party for his aspiration so Mariya’s brothers are invited over to have some food.

The dinner party gets a gold medal and Isaiah was able to cook all the meals he needed to cook for the event!

What a life, huh?

I ended up throwing Mariya into CAS and giving her some tattoos since she’s all buff. She’s a tough lady.

Natalya needs to go on another date for her aspiration.

I didn’t take many pictures of this date. They got a gold medal.

Back at the house, a few days have passed and it’s time for the teens to age up.

Everybody takes their turn blowing out the candles.
(the only issue with the eyes I use is that when sims open their eyes all wide they look weird)

Nikolay gains the Foodie trait to go with Loves Outdoors and Clumsy. He has the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration with the Business Savvy bonus trait.

Tobias gains the Ambitious trait to go with Genius and Neat. He has the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration with the Business Savvy bonus trait.

Natalya gains the Creative trait to go with Loves Outdoors and Art Lover. She has the Soulmate aspiration and the Alluring bonus trait.

Nikolay gets uploaded to the gallery and moves out on his own.

Natalya and Tobias sleep in their room together.

Even though Natalya hasn’t asked Tobias to marry her yet, I go ahead and set up the wedding area. I built it under where the kitchen is, since it’s pretty much floating.

Speaking of Natalya asking Tobias to marry her…

And the wedding is on!

Natalya autonomously wears a black wedding dress, which is weird.

They’re adorable :3

And they’re married!

While the rest of the family enjoyed the party, Natalya and Tobias sneak off to have fun on their own.

Afterward, Natalya paints a lovely profile portrait of Tobias.

She then takes a pregnancy test because I want to accomplish a lot in this chapter haha.

She tells Tobias the good news and he jumps for joy!(I didn’t catch it though :/)

That bump has escalated quickly.

Poor Tobias pretty much almost died. He got walked in on while having a wee by his mother-in-law, then his father-in-law walked in on him in the tub. I thought I was gonna lose him for a second there.

He stopped bathing when he was walked in on, so I let him finish his bath. He’s pretty upset.

I didn’t mention it earlier, but Tobias became a detective as soon as he aged up. His first assignment is collecting evidence from a vandalism.

(the witnesses were ghosts lol)

(so many phallic things!)

(CC gone wrong haha. I think he’s just someone’s bottom xD)

(My pretty princess doll! hahaha)

His first work-day went well, he didn’t get a promotion though.

Fast forward a couple days(since absolutely nothing happened) and Natalya’s in labor!

OMG! His face is so cute xD

Natalya has a baby girl! I name her Olga 😀

She then has another baby girl… I name her Oksana.

She then has ANOTHER baby girl!!! I name her Olesya.


Oh man!

Meet the triplets of generation nine!!!

And now they’re sleeping. Hopefully they’re easy to deal with o_o.

We’re at nine generations, people! How crazy is that?! I’ve NEVER gotten this far in a legacy and I’m literally almost finished! One of these girls(or one of their future siblings, if Natalya and Tobias have anymore children) will give birth to the last generation. I’m completely in awe at that! Thanks so much for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Next time, Olga, Oksana and Olesya all age up, I decide whether or not Natalya will have another pregnancy, and if just as much stuff happens next chapter as it did this chapter, we’ll have another heir vote! Help me decide on whether or not Natalya should have more babies, give me your feedback :D. ❤

The Bagrov Legacy [Chapter 22]

Hello hello and welcome back to the Bagrov legacy! Last time, our child-hating heiress, Mariya, got pregnant by her husband Isaiah and they had a baby girl named Natalya. Immediately after the birth, Mariya said ‘fuck that’ to having more children and decided to adopt a baby boy the same day Natalya was born. She named him Nikolay.

Let’s see what the family is up to now. I know that Zinoviy and Isaiah are at work, what’s everyone else doing?

Mariya is drinking an energy drink.

Natalya and Nikolay are hanging out.

And Cynthia is playing with the new ice cream maker :D.

Cynthia’s cooking skill is maxed so she can make every flavor, if I’m not mistaken.

I made her start with Dragon Breath, since I was curious.

Oooh it’s red!

I added Peppermint Sticks and Chocolate Sauce as garnishes. Don’t know why, sounded good I guess.

Here is the finished treat on a cone! How fun 😀

Apparently Dragon’s Breath is a really spicy flavor, how weird. Who would make spicy ice cream?

After Mariya finished working out, she grabbed a bowl of ice cream and hung out with Nikolay a bit. Isn’t it a bit counterproductive to have a bowl of ice cream right after a rigorous workout?

Isaiah comes home from work exhausted. He needs to throw a dinner party for his aspiration so I need to get on that soon.

But first? Random pictures of the kids.

No idea why I took them, but they’re cute.

I also took a picture of Mariya working out. She’s at level 8 in the fitness skill and needs to max it to finish her aspiration. Almost there!

The dinner party starts and Zinoviy catches up with his younger sister.

Makar and Mikhail arrive as well.

Efrim makes it.

As well as his daughter.

Kenzie, as usual, looks sad.

Everyone sits down and has some of Isaiah’s cooking.

Zinoviy: Thank you so much for having the family together today. I got to say goodbye…

Of course everyone jumps up today.

RIP Zinoviy 😦

Death: What’s up, legacy-fam?

At least the whole family got up to mourn him.

Uh, game? Work is the last thing that Zinoviy is thinking about right now.

After telling work that he isn’t going to make it today, Death shanks him with his scythe and sends him to the afterlife.

Kenzie really doesn’t look well. She’s honestly aged horribly and I feel bad since I created her 😦

Death: This drink is really good.
Can you even drink that?

WHAT THE HECK?! Did you just piddle on the floor?!

Zinoviy is laid to rest with the rest of the family in the basement.
The dinner party may have had an awkward end, but at least Isaiah got a silver medal.

At this point, I built the family a new house(Oh God, me building? Immediate disaster lol) but I took a couple pictures before moving them.

The family is all very sad, it sucks.

(I’m sorry if it sucks, I tried to be fancy)

Here’s the front of the house, lots of trees lol.

Here’s the house from an angle. As you can see, there’s a huge above-ground pool.

Bird’s eye view. I honestly like the way the lot looks, but I can see why other people wouldn’t like it.

This is the top floor, which is exclusively the kitchen and a bathroom. You will see these lights a lot. They’re the only lights, in my opinion, that light up the room efficiently. This game has such bad lighting.

The first floor is just starts and the pool.

The basement is where most of the living will be. Three bedrooms and they each have a connecting bathroom. There’s also a living room and a gym and a computer area. I’m sure I’ll fine-tune it one day, but for now this works for the legacy.

I forgot I needed a place for the urns so I built an extension to the hallway and put them there. They’re blocked off but you can see them through the windows.

Cynthia is obviously depressed. She’s taken up drinking after the move. Thankfully Isaiah mixes drinks and keeps the fridge stocked full of them.

And it starts. They want to get to the urns, but they can’t. So they stop at random parts of the hallway and reset themselves.

Aren’t dishwashers awesome? I love that they finally put them in the game.

Felicity haunts. It’s nice to see her!
Unfortunately Natasha, Don, Anastasia, Marcus, Valeriya and Oliver Woodward’s graves have all reset themselves so there aren’t any names on them and there aren’t any ghosts attached. We still have Grusha, Oliver Summers, Evgeniy, Felicity and now Zinoviy’s ghosts. I’m sure they’ll all show themselves eventually.

Sometimes it’s fitting when sims are sad, but at the moment it seems to drag on. They’re ALWAYS sad. Mariya won’t even get a boost from her energized moodlet since her sad moodlet is more powerful. It sucks.

Mariya: Mom, I’m sad.
Cynthia: Me too.

I ended up changing Mariya’s swimsuit to show off her muscles. They aren’t as defined as they are in CAS.

She swims around sadly for a while and I admire how wonderfully her reflection is showing in the water.

You can see Isaiah going up the stairs from the pool!

Thankfully he isn’t as sad as everyone else and jumps in the pool to have some fun.

They swim around for a while, that happened.

After swimming, the family hangs out together.

Isaiah tries to cheer his wife up. Since it’s been another day or so and she’s still sad >_<

And of course, because it’s me and my luck, as soon as the sad moodlets disappear…

Cynthia wants to die.

Oh gosh, I don’t think Mariya has noticed.

Just gonna eat? Okay.

Death: You guys moved? Cool. Found you just find, don’t worry.

Mariya: Ma? You okay?

Mariya: Oh no, mom! We just lost dad!
And there’s another sad moodlet for me :l

At this point, I realized Natalya was coming up to the kitchen to witness the death and I immediately canceled it out. I’m sure that’s a bit heartless but I didn’t want the kids to be sad again. They took Zinoviy’s death really hard.

Cynthia is laid to rest with the rest of the family. Six generations down.

There are four tables left to fill. I doubt I’m going to play until the tenth generation is dead, so I’ll probably have to take a table out.

Thankfully the kids aren’t sad and are autonomously doing their homework together.

Afterward, they watch cartoons and hang out.

They become partners in crime too, something I’ve never messed around with.

Mikhail stops by randomly. Mariya lets him in.

At this point, the kids were having some sort of hallway hangout, walking up and down the hall trying to get to the urns. I even recorded some videos of it.

Sims, man.

After a couple days, we have a triple-birthday for Isaiah, Natalya and Nikolay. Isaiah, who recently got promoted, gets to go first 😀

I didn’t get an ‘after’ picture of Isaiah. He looks almost exactly the same, just a bit older. I don’t even think I gave him an adult makeover. Next chapter I will.

Natalya is next, she looks so confused.

The Nikolay follows.

The chapter ends here and since we have teens in the house, it’s time for an heir vote!

Natalya has the Soulmate aspiration, the alluring trait, the art lover trait, and the loves outdoors trait.

Nikolay has the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration, the business savvy trait, the clumsy trait, and the loves outdoors trait.

The poll will be here for a little while. I’ll probably post a chapter or two on the Miller-Yang legacy before removing this poll. There is no poll on Boolprop, since I don’t generally get much feedback there. However, keep an eye out for new posts from me on Boolprop. I’m thinking of starting up a special sims game where other people can participate. I’ve still got to work out the details and rules but I really want to do this. Thanks so much for reading, don’t forget to vote!

The Bagrov Legacy [Chapter 21]

Hello hello! Welcome back to the Bagrov Legacy! Last time, Mariya was named heir, she grew up, met and got impregnated by Isaiah, then they got married and the chapter ended. Also, some people aged up, I can’t honestly remember haha.

Mikhail: I’m hungry, has mommy made me breakfast yet?
Oh yeah, you’re still here >_>

Cynthia and Zinoviy were downstairs having Roast Chicken for breakfast. Yum.

Here’s Mariya, looking super thrilled.
Mariya: I’m pregnant :l
Yup ^_^

Isaiah is sleeping.
There’s the sim-check everyone.

Mariya is quite distraught about her pregnancy. I think it’s because her body isn’t in shape.
Mariya: You wouldn’t joke if your life wish was to be in perfect shape.

Isaiah autonomously gives her adorable kisses to make up for the fact that she’s miserable.

Suddenly, a birthday!

Cynthia’s birthday literally snuck up on me. I was glad to spot the notification and made her a cake in time. Mopey sims can be annoying haha.

Here she is, looking adorable as ever.
I changed her hair and some of her clothes, but I forgot to change her makeup. At least it isn’t TOO loud haha.

Mikhail’s birthday was the next day, but I was sick of him, so I just let him use his mom’s cake to age up.
I was so sick of him, in fact, that I didn’t take a picture of him after aging up. Wow. I can’t believe I did that haha.
Mikhail gains the Foodie trait to join childish, cheerful, and quick learner. His aspiration is Computer Whiz. He moves in with Makar and is uploaded to the gallery.

I sent Mariya to the spa because i wanted her get a massage and maybe do some yoga, but those are two things you apparently can’t do while you’re pregnant. It’s BS since getting a massage was like one of the only things I wanted when I was pregnant. She took advantage of the spa’s workout machines before heading home.

Aww, old people napping :3

I’m really glad Mariya can work out through her pregnancy. She’s really getting along in her aspiration and might finish it while she’s still a young adult.

Zinoviy: That looks heavy.
Mariya: Urgh..

Isaiah’s favorite autonomous activity? Dancing.

I’m hoping to have Mariya also max the wellness skill in her lifetime as well.

Mariya is getting super tense as her pregnancy progresses. She’s the first female sim I’ve played with the Hates Children trait.

She’s always dealing with morning sickness too. Every day of her pregnancy, until the very end, she got the morning sickness moodlet every morning.

She wanted to work out at the gym, so I sent her over there.

Later on that same sim-day, Mariya goes into labor as soon as she gets into bed. Isaiah is at work so Cynthia takes her to the hospital.

Mariya: Is it okay that my doctor is a ghost?
Cynthia: I’m sure it’s fine dear 🙂

Cynthia: See, the nurse is a ghost too.
What the heck??

The receptionist is dead too!

Mariya: Never again, Sammy. Don’t make me do this again!

It’s a girl! Meet Natalya Bagrov!

Mariya: You’re not so bad, little baby.

Mariya arrives home from the hospital and you can see how buff she actually is now that she’s not pregnant.

Zinoviy: My first grandchild.
Maybe your only grandchild if Mariya has anything to do with it.
Zinoviy: D:

Look at these epic screenshot skills haha. Half the camera is outside xD

Even though Isaiah would rather dance than cook, he’s got some epic knife skills.

Natalya stays in Cynthia and Zinoviy’s room. They’re most likely to run to her when she needs something.

Wow I can see abs.

Mariya: I’ve come up with a compromise. Since my parents want another grandkid, but I refuse to get pregnant again, I’m just going to adopt a baby boy.
Good idea!

Mariya: Going to get the new baby. -is buff-

Mariya: They aren’t so bad when they’re small.

Meet Nikolay! The second and only other kid this generation. He is eligible for being heir, just like Natalya is.

A lot of these pictures of Mariya working out are just me showing off her muscles haha.
Also, I replaced all her workout stuff with stuff from the spa pack.

I guess all that working out has taken it’s toll. Mariya is sick!

At least I still have a bunch of medicine in the fridge.

All better!

Zinoviy loves taking care of the babies in his free time.

Makar comes to visit(without an invitation, but that’s okay) and the only reason I know is because Zinoviy went and autonomously hugged him.

Mariya only needs a few skill points before finishing her aspiration.

Isaiah brings cake into the workout room. That’s a no-no, man.

Fast forward a couple days and it’s the kids’ birthday. Nikolay was adopted the night Natalya was born, so they’re aging up as twins.

Here’s Natalya, who is immediately upset about having a sibling.
She gets the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and the Loves Outdoors trait.

And here’s Nikolay, looking like he couldn’t care less about his sister’s feelings.
He gets the Whiz Kid aspiration and the Loves Outdoors trait.
I apologize for the poor lighting and the plumbob butt in the shot. The lighting in this game is horrible -_-.

Mariya: I was promised a spa day and damn it I’m getting one.

I’m so jealous watching sims get massages. I need one so bad >_<

She feels great after that hot stone massage

She then gets a foot massage and a hand massage before heading home, extremely relaxed.

We get back to the house and the kids are working on their aspirations with grandma Cynthia helping out.

Natalya plays with toys while her brother naps.

Zinoviy reads Nikolay a story.

Cynthia gets a phone call from Makar with an invite to his adult birthday party, so she grabs the whole household and heads over.

Slight Party Spam

The hired chef at the party hadn’t made the cake a few hours in so Cynthia steps in to help so her eldest son has a cake for his birthday.

But while the cake was in the oven, Makar aged up on his own -_-.

Not much else happens after that. The family heads back home and everyone works on their skills for their individual aspirations. I didn’t even taken any screenshots, other than these two:

These pictures were just to show that couples enjoy autonomously romancing in front of the fridge.

That’s honestly all I have for this chapter. Sorry if this chapter seemed very rushed. I just wanted to get it done and I didn’t want the chapter to be way too long, so I just stopped here.
Next time, birthdays and at least one death. Ooh spooky scary.
Thanks so much for reading, I hope you all enjoyed!